Service Agreement Form - IHH

In consideration of one dollar and other considerations, this agreement is between *


and Benjamin Kowal of Invictus Health Hub, ABN 91 531 046 850, for the express purpose of exchanging information in regards to achieving health the natural way. The information given by Benjamin Kowal is based upon God’s laws.

gives Benjamin Kowal his/her permission (all rights) to discuss openly and freely his/her health issues and solutions to these issues, between each other.
  • I attest that I am here, on this and any subsequent visit, solely on my own behalf and not as an agent or representative for any federal, state, or local agency on a mission of entrapment or investigation.
  • I fully understand that anyone I speak with at the Invictus Health Hub is not a medical doctor, and I am not here for medical diagnostics or treatment procedures.
  • The information given by Benjamin Kowal, and/or his staff, is at all times limited strictly for my educational purposes and only on the subject of health matters. This information is intended for the best possible state of health and does not involve the diagnosing, prognosticating, treatment, or prescribing of remedies for the treatment of diseases.
  • All diet, nutritional, herbal, homeopathic, fasting, and other health information and suggestions received by me from Benjamin Kowal, including and of his staff or appointed personnel, is for my personal information only. If I choose to follow any of the information received, I do so on my own behalf, and on my own decisions based on my personal beliefs.
  • If I use any information to address a health issue without my medical doctor’s approval, I am choosing for myself and exercising my Constitutional Rights.
  • I understand that at no time, and under no circumstances, shall Benjamin Kowal or his staff tolerate abusive, violent, menacing, destructive, or harassing behavior from myself, or any party acting on my behalf. I acknowledge that Benjamin Kowal, his staff, and the entity Invictus Health Hub, reserves the right to immediately dismiss and cease all services if this behavior occurs.
  • I fully agree to hold harmless Benjamin Kowal and any persons at this office or company, with whom I speak in any manner. I assume total and all responsibility and liability for my actions.
  • I acknowledge that The Invictus Health Hub does not allow for cancellations or refunds of any kind. I recognize that the space which I have agreed to occupy is a highly sought after position. Should I decide at any point that I no longer wish to participate in the service, protocol or program to any extent, I do so with the complete awareness that I will not receive compensation of any sort, or a refund in any amount.
  • I understand that due to the systemic cleaning effects of detoxification, I may develop sensitivities to irritant foods and pharmaceutical medication.
  • I understand that my desired outcome is my own responsibility, and that diligence must be maintained within, and survive the completion of the time spent with Invictus Health Hub to facilitate this. By virtue of the same, I understand that my desired outcome may not be recognised within a certain or definitive timeframe.
  • This agreement is to establish a mutual trust, relationship and understanding. Therefore, by my signature below, I acknowledge that I have read the above and agree to the entirety of the terms stated. This affidavit is signed by me, without coercion or remuneration.
  • In the case of a dispute of any kind, I surrender all Court Actions for Mediation.

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