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Consultation & Breathwork

General Consultation | 45 minutes | $500.00 USD

Book a session with Ben and leverage your position using his two decades of experience and accolades for your own personal health and performance goals.


Entrepreneur | Business Owner | Business Consultant | Regenerative Specialist | Mind & Performance Lecturer

The brief ...

For over two decades, Ben has been studying all levels of the human body, its mind, energies, and the intricate connection between them.

Among many other qualifications, he is a Certified Regenerative Detoxification Specialist, Iridologist, RCPC, Master Herbalist, Master Hypnotherapist, Master Neurolinguistic Programmer and BioDynamic Trauma Release & Breathwork Practitioner.

Ben operates as an educator, speaker, coach and consultant for individuals and corporate organisations, driven by his passion of improving the totality of the human condition, and inspiring peak performance in all those privileged to be in his space.

It is his strong belief that its every persons God-given right to experience their life at the highest level of expression, vitality and health.



A biochemist, cell biologist, functional nutritionist and extreme athlete, Ben's passion lies in unlocking human potential.

Owner of several successful businesses and a multi-discipline state and national champion, Ben finds the extremes of all things and puts their boundaries to the test.

Laced into the fabric of his teachings you will find his strong values of family, health, success and life fulfillment; a standard set for all those who choose INVICTUSELITE™.

Team Leader

A Federation University Graduate in Business and Team Leadership, Ben understands the power of FELT; a term given to a set of representational systems in ones psyche that trigger the sensations of standard, excellence, purpose, trust, loyalty, safety and congruence. FELT is a culture that commands integrity and performance, however done so from the front, cultivated through ascending potential, as opposed to threatening privileges and using the fear of that to drive a result.

Ben has infused this culture throughout every build and ongoing operational effort of all 5 of his multiple 6 & 7 figure businesses with great success.

It wasn’t until one of his employees became ill, and another had received a terrible diagnosis regarding a close relative that Ben introduced his skillsets in Regenerative Detoxification & Mind Coaching into the workplace.

The logic and processes of FELT leadership, combined with a focus on regenerative health, quickly showcased the enormous benefit to the staff as a whole unit. Their morale, enthusiasm, productivity, ingenuity and initiative all improved out of sight. The common 'water cooler' chatter took on a very different tone, and everyone displayed notable step changes in attitude, energy and vitality..

INVICTUSENTERPRISE™ was born, and has not ceased evolving since that birth in 2020. It continues to profoundly impact business executives, senior management groups, staff and families toward superior vital health, reduced incidents, resilient morale, higher productivity, and the P&L improvements that result in effect.


XPT Breathwork | 120 minutes | $350.00 USD

Book your session with Kurt and experience the transformation of XPT Breathwork.


XPT Performance Breath Coach

Kurt is a highly experienced and embodied Breathwork practitioner with over 12 years of knowledge and practice.

Having learned his unique style through his family lineage, Kurt holds a strong and loving space for people to breathe, heal and be held with the utmost integrity and safety.

He truly believes that breathwork is a powerful tool to support high performance, stress management, and inner healing. He has led numerous holotropic breath workshops globally throughout China, Canada, U.S, and Australia and continues to facilitate life-changing results for all folk blessed to receive his work and presence.


XPT Performance Breath Coach

A high-performance coach with over 10+ years of experience working with athletes across the globe, Kurt specialises in unlocking athletic potential and upskilling energy management through XPT Performance Breath.

In his experience, 'optimal performance' encompasses not only the physical element, but also the mental, neurological and spiritual. When these energies are brought into synergy, the capacity for performance amplifies infinitely.

Kurt’s unique breathwork style has been passed down through his family lineage, it has supported Olympic medalists in windsurfing, rowing, track & field and trampoline, as well as national level combat sports, various sporting teams, a BMW International Golf Champion and he now serves the ELITES™ within the Invictus community.



The results speak through the voices of those who went all-in with us and got the healing work done!

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