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General consultation | 30 minutes | $168.00 AUD

For existing clients only

If you have not seen us before, and you are serious about your health journey, please select the Discovery and Strategy session below.


Iridology Assessment | 45 minutes | $295.00 AUD

If you have not seen us before, please select the Discovery and strategy session below.

One of the primary and most detailed diagnostic tools used in the IHH is the non-invasive study of the eyes. Observing the fibers, markings, colorations and undulations of ones iris gives us extraordinary insight into the structure and function of tissues and organ systems, as well as the condition of the body's primary fluids. It has proven itself to be one of the most effective tools in discerning the causation of a current issue, while also providing accurate insight into accumulating issues that can be addressed and resolved well before any symptoms ever appear.

Simply book your session and we will provide you with step by step instructions on how to take your iris pictures, and get them to us.


Discovery and strategy session | 75 minutes | $623.00 AUD

START HERE if you are new to the world of INVICTUS.

This session provides a deep dive into the illness or undesired condition you are experiencing. No matter how acute, chronic or ambiguous, the understanding you will attain through this process will provide you with resounding clarity and allow you to take immediate action in making significant step changes toward resilient vital health. Included in this consultation is a follow up meeting to discuss action outcomes.


This session calls for iris photos, pathology reports, HTMA, OAT and any other relevant scans or lab studies undertaken during the course of your health journey to date; any data you have is valuable. You will have an opportunity to upload images and documents during your orientation following your booking. Alternatively, you can simply send them to us by replying to your session confirmation email.

If you do not have recent lab studies, please check the relevant box on your way through the booking process and a member of our team will reach out to you to arrange the necessary testing.

To take an iris photograph at home:

  1. Use a DSLR Camera with a 65mm macro lens, or a good quality smart phone camera.
  2. Select a position to take the photos where there is no glare from devices, room lighting, or window reflections bouncing off the eye, and ensure a solid platform is available for the photographer to steady the camera. Using a tripod is best if available.
  3. Using a pen light or similar, shine light across the eye at approximately 30 degrees to illuminate the fibres of the iris.
  4. Hold the eye open, taking the shot of the entire iris.
    NB: the photographer should move the camera as close as possible to the objective, taking the shot just before the picture starts to blur. Do not use the zoom function as this will distort the image resolution.
    NB: The slightest movement by the photographer or subject when taking the shot will likely cause a blurry result; if this occurs, reset and try again.


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