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The Visionaries Ultimate Toolkit

People don’t change until staying the same is more painful. ‘Finding balance’ is often used by outstanding individuals as a noble copout to avoid the ‘change pain’ of improvement and perceivably working against the grain of close relationships.

Balance is a goal commonly discussed by many people in various contexts around the theme of achieving a superior quality of life. While there is truth in the notion, the vast majority of the people spruiking this message (that are also tangibly living it) are those who have already achieved their definition of ‘quality’ or ‘success’, and their balance consists simply of a maintenance process.

Balance implies stability… stillness… something ‘balanced’ doesn’t move, it stays the same. I invite you consider what Imbalance may be required to catapult you into the greatest version of your life, your accolades and ultimately, your legacy.

If you are drawn to this program, there is a solid chance that you desire balance in key areas of your life, however you haven’t yet arrived at your ‘felt level’ of, or what you would define as, the pinnacle of life quality, or success.

The PERFECTIMBALANCE™ is your rocket ship, providing you the manual, tools and architectural expertise required to build a life, designed by you, for you, your family, and those that come after you.


Who is this for?

This is for you if you are experiencing the ‘bump’ that there is more for you to achieve; this can be experienced as:

  • Internal Conflict, often resulting in a feeling of unfulfillment in relationships, family or company dynamic.
  • Stability issues in the context of self, relationships or career.
  • Felt desire to contribute &/or leave a VALUE for the world.
  • Career Stagnancy
  • Business growth Issues


What you get:

  • 1:1 comprehensive strategy session setting you up for maximal success.
    • Clear Goals
    • Clear Process
    • Clear Outcomes
  • Human Design + Genuis Code Deep Dive Session
  • XPT Sessions to provide with tools to manage stress and resistance
  • Live interactive inception sessions at the beginning of each phase in the strategy
  • Done for you design work and campaigning
  • Member discount to the entire IHH Store (Invictus Apothecary)
  • Dedicated Support Coach
  • Weekly ‘Execute Action’ session as required
  • Exclusive & Discounted Invitation to the ELITES™ (Selection Process Applies)
  • Access to the Invictus forum that you get to keep forever.


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