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Every human is a missile of potential and every missile needs a guidance system. INVICTUSELITE was created to be that system. Tear the roof off your reality and launch into the greatest version of yourself through unparalleled physical and mental performance.

Acceptance into this program is by interview only. Please apply via the link below and we will be in touch to converse and understand if this is a good fit for you.

Be Extraordinary

ELITE is our premier experience encompassing all facets of human potential and performance.

The program goes well beyond program structures aimed at providing you with an opportunity to settle for what you have, and firmly into the realm of challenging every belief you once held true about what is possible for you in this life.

The range and depth of the experience is only limited by your willingness to say 'yes' to uncertainty, adventure and challenge.

ELITE builds a culture of knowledge, strength, resilience and capacity that transforms all areas of self, relationships, career outlook and ultimately, your legacy.

An experience of perpetual service to you, and an inspiration to all those privileged enough to be in your space.





A biochemist, cell biologist, functional nutritionist and extreme athlete, Ben's passion lies in unlocking human potential.

Owner of several successful businesses and a multi-discipline state and national champion, Ben finds the extremes of all things and puts their boundaries to the test.

Laced into the fabric of the program you will find his strong values of family, health, success and life fulfillment, a standard set for all those who choose INVICTUSELITE™.



Founder and lead operator of South Peak Adventure, Tom's experiential accolades are among those that less than a handful of men in the world can attest to.

Solo unsupported expeditions to the most extreme environments on the planet. Such locations as the sub 50 degree climates of the Arctic Circle, to the sand storms of the barren Sahara Desert; all preceded by 10 years of elite military service.

His leadership and high moral standards are a benchmark for all those who would become an INVICTUSELITE™.


XPT Performance Breath Coach

A high-performance coach with over 10+ years of experience working with athletes across the globe, Kurt specialises in unlocking athletic potential and upskilling energy management through XPT Performance Breath.

In his world, 'optimal performance' encompasses not only the physical scope but also the mental, neurological and spiritual.

Kurt’s unique breathwork style has been passed down through his family lineage, it has supported Olympic medalists in windsurfing, rowing, track & field and trampoline, as well as combative sportsmen, various sporting teams, a BMW International Golf Champion and he now serves the ELITES™ within the Invictus community.



A breakdown of each headline inclusion for ELITE™  

15 week block training:

  • Call 1: Program Launch (Week 1)
    • Discuss ELITES™ overview and drill down on the implementation of training, diet and mental prep requirements.
  • Call 2: Progress Call (Week 3)
    • Training, Diet & Mental state debrief | Set up the barrier testing schedule.
    • XPT Session: Introduction.
  • Call 3: Equipment & Nutrition (Week 5)
    • Detailed discussion around Expedition Nutrition | Individuals to trial for tolerance.
    • Equipment Detail and deepdive into what needs to be procured & what is supplied.
  • Call 4: Check-In + Q&A (Week 8)
    • XPT Session - Energy management focus.
  • Call 5: Selection Announcement & Expedition Itinerary. (Week 10)
    • Final team announced (capped at selected expedition max pax).
    • Those unsuccessful will circle into the next round.
  • Call 6: Pre-Expedition Checklist (2 days before participants travel to location).
    • The ‘mum’ call - making sure you’ve got your jocks & socks. 
  • Call 7: Post Expedition Close out
    • Program closeout, reflections & next steps.
  • Quick reference guides will be available via the ELITES™ online platform. (access currently granted manually).
    • Training Overview
    • Barrier Testing Requirements 
    • Nutrition Guide
    • Equipment Overview
    • Hero’s Expedition Detail
  • Barrier testing is the selection process in which participants complete a set task in their local area meeting distance, elevation, pack weight and time. It is essential that this is passed in order for us to ensure they have the physical means to complete the Hero’s Expedition. 
  • We use Strava to track your numbers and ensure compliance, taking an unprepared person out on expedition is highly problematic. We are committed to ensure your success. 

Hero's Expedition:

  • Typically a Multi-Day (2 day) hike of hard terrain. The level of difficulty can be modified to suit the group requirements, this is determined through the barrier testing.
  • Essential equipment is included:
    • Pack
    • Sleep System
    • Brew Kit
    • First Aid
    • Hike Poles
      • On trail nutrition, clothing & personal items to be supplied by the participant.
      • Should the Participant not require the essential inclusions please let us know ASAP.
  • Base Camp accommodation
    • Base camp costs are included.
  • Arrival Feast
    • A feast is provided on arrival to base camp, prior to the expedition start.
    • This time is used to review and familiarise with the expedition equipment.
  • Hero’s Extraction (subject to availability)
    • This ones a secret, you’ll need to attend to find out 😉.
  • Celebratory Feast (in the absence of extraction capability).
    • We will convene at the chosen post expedition accommodation and join you for a celebration feast provided by us.
      • Accommodation costs pre & post expedition are the responsibility of the participant. (approx $180 USD/night).  

Nutrition Guidance:

  • Formulas on calculating energy requirements, and the conversion of that into tangible foods.
  • Recommended food groups.
  • Encouraged intuitive consumption, your work rate will be high.


  • 15 weeks of specific supplementation provided, geared toward peak performance through energy production. Brands include:
    • Cymbiotika
    • FIQ LABS
    • Dr Morse’s Cellular Botanicals

Expedition Equipment:

  • Essential expedition equipment is included:
    • Pack
    • Sleep System
    • Brew Kit
    • First Aid
    • Hike Poles
      • On trail nutrition, clothing & personal items to be supplied by the participant.
  • Should the Participant not require the essential inclusions please let us know ASAP.
  • 5 weeks of specific supplementation provided, geared toward peak performance through energy production. Brands include:

Online Masterclass:

  • XPT Performance Breath - A crucial element to energy management under extreme physical demand

Real time support:

  • Stay in contact with the ELITE™ Leaders via a closed Telegram channel. Any questions you have during the course of preparation that can't wait for a scheduled call can be answered real-time.

ELITE™ Standards Guide:

  • Rules of life engagement from the perspective of an ELITE. How you show up for yourself, your relationships, and in pursuit of your purpose are all a direct representation of the standard you currently hold yourself to. This guide is a written and demonstrated benchmark written and lived by the leaders of INVICTUSELITE™.


We Cater For

  • Individuals
  • Enthusiast Groups
  • Sporting Teams
  • Corporate Groups
  • Elite Athletes

Who is This For?

This opportunity is for the bold few who are fiercely committed to their purpose, and driven to create all the impact possible throughout the course of their life.

Is This For Me?

Try this simple method of self-enquiry to find out

In your mind, travel to the end of your life and see yourself at your own send off. See the whole picture clearly and make the following assessments:

  • Who is there; who showed up for you?
  • What are they saying about you?
  • How are you remembered?
  • What are you remembered for?
  • Did you have the impact on the world that you were hoping to have?

If you're unhappy with how that currently looks, and it ignites something inside that compels you to do whatever it takes to ensure you do what you came here to do, ELITE may be for you.

  • Clear GOALS
  • Clear PROCESS
  • Clear Outcomes

Purchase this program, select your options and let's get building! 


Our range of health programs are structured, coach supported and highly effective.

Customise your experience to suit your style and budget and retain the resources for life with a one time purchase for infinite personal re-use.

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