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75% of the solution to any problem lies within the understanding of that 'problem', and health problems are no different.

An Invictus journey starts with a deep dive into the true causal factors of the presenting condition. Understanding what these causal factors are, and what created them, is essential to sustained, successful healing as the knowledge on what got into the messy situation in the first place provides actionable rationale and clarity on the direction in which NOT to travel. When that level of clarity is coupled with the the knowledge on what it takes to regenerate, the map to Wellville is direct, clear and absolute.

Using our comprehensive diagnostic toolkit we conduct a complete review of every system in your body, identifying all present & potential issues, and integrating a targeted approach to address all things on the way through.

At its core physiological makeup, the human body is simply cells (a lot of them), and in between every single one of those cells flows three major sources of energy that provide for them, these being:

  • Blood
  • Lymph
  • Nerve

Blood feeds them, lymph cleans them, and nerve moves them. Harmony within these three flows yields ‘Health’, whereas disharmony of one or more equates to, what the allopathic community call, ‘Disease’.

The thing that moves the needle between harmony & disharmony of the core physiology is chemistry, of which there are only two sides; Acid & Alkaline. One side (Acid) is corrosive and obstructive, and the other (alkaline) isn’t. There is a deeper understanding to this, however if you are dealing with a state of dis-ease, then this frame work is in perfect context for you.

Our modality works to restore the many levels of chemical balance to your human form, relieving it of the impactions and obstructions that suppress it. The ultimate goal is to engineer the harmony (function) required for complete regeneration.

Using Dr Morse's Healing Herbs and our unique system, we clean and rebuild tissues at a cellular level.

Rubber hits the road to vital health through our Health Accelerators.

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