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The time it takes to heal, is the time it takes and for some, that is longer than others. You may be coming from quite a long way back and need extra time, support and guidance.

ACSENSION is your fully equipped vehicle, geared to travel the extra miles along the road beyond PLATINUM, to your dream destination.

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You have come a long way and achieved extraordinary things for you body and mind, and the road continues.

Glide on through this sequel to our Signature Series and transcend the remaining levels to your ultimate outcome.

Go the extra mile!

Commit to the Extra Mile

Who is this for?

The work of PLATINUMhas concluded. You have moved mountains, but you know that your regenerative work is not yet complete.

ASCENSION is for you.

The Extra Mile

Those that choose to commit to the extra mile through ASCENSION on their healing journey will notice how much momentum is gained; and gained quicky.

Very few are willing to travel that road and therefore the traffic is light, focus is high and outcomes are closer in sight.

Commit to the Extra Mile


  • A completely Customised process, tailored to fulfil the needs of your individual journey.


Our range of health programs are structured, coach supported and highly effective.

Customise your experience to suit your style and budget and retain the resources for life with a one time purchase for infinite personal re-use.

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