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The primary objective of the Invictus Clinic is in the service of humanity. 

We serve to arrest the degeneration of the human condition through reverse engineering the causal factors of dis-ease and allowing those in suffering the opportunity to enjoy the fullest experience of life.

The long game

Since the 1500’s there has been an increasing divide between Allopathy and Naturopathy.

A culture of ‘Pharmaceutical medicine vs Natural medicine’; an ‘US’ against ‘THEM’, ‘mine is better than yours’ paradigm. Two powerful modalities currently standing largely in opposition to one another, albeit working toward the same intended goal; the goal of health and wellbeing throughout communities, and the success of humanity.

We (Invictus) believe the roles of each are integral to society, however the current standpoint of ‘opposition’ suffocates the combined power that otherwise could be unleashed on the world if the two forces were to combine in a considered, systematic approach toward true health and human empowerment.    

The medical man is a wizard in the case of true emergency. A snake bite, broken limb, or otherwise critical condition needs the medical man to intervene as a first line treatment; failure to do so would result in a health catastrophe for the patient. They are also the ‘rich kids with the cool toys’, and have access to potent diagnostic tools that are advantageous in some cases to better understand a situation, and provide credible tracked feedback of results during a healing process, both medical and alternative.  

The medical man can re-set a broken bone, stabilize a critical situation or get a patient just to the other side of ‘pain’… but this is where the medical man’s powers abruptly stop. They don’t have the knowledge, training or sound processes to assist a patient from ‘just the other side of pain’ to true health, in fact, in there attempt to do so, they only further condemn a person to enervation and a deeper state of reliance on pharmaceutical support to manage never-ending loops of pain & dysfunction on a cycle we refer to as, ‘the pain cycle’.

A logical and considered approach, one based on foundational physiology and chemistry (alternate therapy), has been proven to support a patient to exit a destructive pain cycle entirely, recover neurology and structure through improved energy production capabilities, and ultimately restore a level of vital health that requires only their own diligence to a lifestyle that nurtures it – nothing medical needed. This is where Invictus shines.

The long game of the INVICTUS mission is to build a strong and viable bridge between the two warring modalities, recognizing the limitations of each, while combining the powers of both for the most complete and ultimate level change in healthcare this world would have ever seen.


Invictus Health Hub is proud to be Endorsed by Dr Morse's Healing Herbs

The programs created by INVICTUS provide a systematic platform that leverage the power of these world class herbs to arrive at a complete healing system.

Highly scrutinised and trial tested, our programs are geared and fit for any task where health, vitality and peak performance are among the outcomes.

INVICTUS Meet the Team


Entrepreneur | Business Owner | Business Consultant | Regenerative Specialist | Mind & Performance Coach

A Federation University Graduate in Business Leadership, Ben understands the power of FELT. A term given to a set of representational systems in ones psyche that trigger the sensations of standard, excellence, purpose, trust, loyalty, safety and congruence. FELT is a culture that commands integrity and performance, however done so from the front, cultivated through ascending potential, as opposed to threatening privileges and using the fear of that to drive a result.

Ben has infused this culture throughout every build and ongoing operational effort of all 5 of his multiple 6 & 7 figure businesses with great success.

It wasn’t until one of his employees became ill, and another had received a terrible diagnosis regarding a close relative that Ben introduced his skillsets in Regenerative Detoxification & Mind Coaching into the workplace. The logic and processes of FELT leadership, combined with a focus on regenerative health, quickly showcased the enormous benefit to the staff as a whole unit. Their morale, enthusiasm, productivity, ingenuity and initiative all improved out of sight. The common 'water cooler' chatter took on a very different tone, and everyone displayed notable step changes in attitude, energy and vitality..

INVICTUSENTERPRISE™ was born, and has not ceased evolving since that birth in 2020. It continues to profoundly impact business executives, senior management groups, staff and families toward superior vital health, reduced incidents, resilient morale, higher productivity, and the P&L improvements that result in effect.

Ben’s tenure and studies in the healing arts:

For over two decades, Ben has been studying all levels of the human body, its mind, energies, and the intricate connection between them. Among many other qualifications, he is a Certified Regenerative Detoxification Specialist, Iridologist, RCPC, Master Herbalist, Master Hypnotherapist, Master Neurolinguistic Programmer and BioDynamic Trauma Release & Breathwork Practitioner. Ben operates as an educator, speaker, coach and consultant for individuals and business organisations, driving his passion of improving the totality of the human condition, and inspiring peak performance.

It is his strong belief that its every persons God-given right to experience their life at the highest level of expression, vitality and health.



Yasmin hails from the gorgeous coastal town of Esperance, Western Australia. Growing up with camping and beach adventures a staple in her life, Yasmin developed a deep connection with nature from a young age.

Coming of age in 2011 Yasmin (Yazzie), found herself at a fork in the road with opportunities to pursue a career in either nursing, or naturopathy. 

Her passion to empower others with healing knowledge, lifting their sense of innate control and preventing issues from ever wrecking havoc, made the naturopathic studies a clear and easy choice. She has been dedicated to her studies, achieving many qualifications from 2011 to the present day.

Yasmin has been powerfully serving through the IHH for 3 years, recently partnering Ben on a tour of the USA, working along side extraordinary people in the field of regenerative health, including the great Dr Robert Morse ND.

Throughout the the delivery of ENTERPRISE you will find Yasmin auditing and implementing key nutritional & environmental items based on the collective needs discovered during individual interviews.


Systems Coordinator

Mum to one beautiful, intelligent little girl, and one big, cuddle-bug of a dog. Wife to a loving and supportive husband.

Before this life, Jocelyn worked for many years in a medical laboratory studying blood and tissue samples. Her love of travel saw her adventuring to Africa, Europe, South America, and twice around Australia. The time invested proved invaluable with Jos learning so much about the world, its cultures, challenges and innovations. She vividly reconnects to beautiful emotion as she reflects on her own personal growth this work and experience provided.

"I've been aware of Ben's work for a long time and only in recent years gave it the attention it deserves. I was skeptical at first and wasn’t willing to entertain the idea that there was a better way than the allopathic path I’d been walking as my career for so long".

"Fast forward to a point in my life where I just wanted to feel better and allopathic modes just weren't getting it done, I decided to give Ben’s way a go".

"I've done the detoxify program twice now with significant & fantastic results. The differences in myself truly amazing, even though I was medically considered a very 'healthy and well person'. I’ve challenged my old beliefs and continue to drive a new path for myself through the way I understand the body, what we put into it and how it's really supposed to function".

Jocelyn operates as our systems coordinator, and an integral part of the coaching team for Invictus. She truly love's helping people through their health journey! Living it with them as they make the same amazing health discoveries that she did is a very fulfilling and uplifting experience.

You will find Jocelyn at the heart of the systems you enjoy through our Signature and Enterprise delivery, she is the reason everything works intuitively to meet your needs; you will also find her reaching out to you in 'perfect timing' like an angel on your shoulder should she spot the need.


Apothecary Team Captain

After a 20 year tenure in Pharmacy working alongside, and eventually leading, entire teams of high quality personnel in the realm of pharmaceutical interventions, Jodie repositioned herself in the world of naturopathic solutions through INVICTUS.

Her vast range and depth of knowledge in Pharmaceutical products and modes gives her a very well-rounded perspective when assisting our people due to her ability to intricately articulate the actions, outcomes and potential issues from both sides of the healthcare 'fence'. These insights have proven invaluable.

A keen mountain biker, fitness coach, high performance business operator, mother of three gorgeous girls and wife to our founder, Benjamin Kowal, Jodie is a living demonstration of the INVICTUS WAY.

A farm girl through-and-through, Jodie's ability to lead an award winning team in the delivery of one of the most well received service offers in the realm of health and eco living is second to none.

Every physical product you receive, and the way you receive it, is a result of Jodie and her team.


XPT Performance Breath Coach

Kurt has over 12 years of experience in Breathwork knowledge and practice with his breathwork style passed down to him through his family lineage.

This has led Kurt to have facilitated many holotropic breathwork sessions with various communities across the world including China, Canada, the US and Australia. He is a qualified XPT Performance Breathing Coach and has had the honor of presenting on "Performance Breathing" at the 2021 Australian Strength and Conditioning Conference.

Kurt holds a strong and loving space for people to heal and be held, assisting them in alchemising to the highest version of themselves.

Kurt's services are available through our signature and corporate programs, or as a standalone service that you will find in the INVICTUSMIND Session Booking page.


1992, the year I lost my Grandfather to cancer… it was my first encounter with the dirty 'C' word. I was 7 years old and couldn’t understand how this could have happened; such a powerful man taken by something that seemed so simple. In the days before he died I vividly recall standing next to his bed and stating to my parents standing behind me that ‘one day I would find a way cure this shit’… I could feel them soften at the beautiful notion of a sweet young boy, but neither of them knew just how much conviction that statement had.

In the years to come I would lose all 4 of my grandparents to the same condition… the one they labelled ‘cancer’; everyone hung there head at the diagnosis, but I already had an inkling it just wasn’t that ‘mysterious’, and the focus on treating the ‘disease’ was in fact a flawed distraction. My drive to understand vital health and human performance gained momentum!

I studied nutrition, sports physiology, endocrinology and many of the various rabbit holes that branch off from those headlines, and while there were notable improvements in myself, and later in clients, each path would inevitably hit a ceiling and invoke a frustrating plateau. I considered this and decided to continue further into the micro, immersing myself in histology, blood chemistry and functional lab studies before taking the time to understand the theories of many, including Antoine Bechamp, Ernest Just, Conrad Waddington and Bruce Lipton. It was in amongst these studies that I discovered the work of the great Dr Robert Morse. I’d learnt the map, understood the terrain, and then along comes Dr Morse (true to form of ‘perfectly timed divinity’) with all the tools and applied knowledge to navigate it! Bloody wonderful! I signed up to Dr Morse’s School immediately and later graduated as a Regenerative Detoxification Specialist.

I trialled Dr Morse’s Cellular Botanicals within my own protocol, and that of my family, the result was like adding a guidance chip to a health missile! I began to introduce them into my client protocols with complete healing success across a plethora of conditions from tumours to gut issues, a range of autoimmune blah blah’s, neurological, fertility, candida, diabetes … the list goes on and on. Before long, supply became an issue; we just couldn’t get enough botanicals to go around. I sought alternatives in an attempt to bridge the supply gap, with some substitutes boasting next-to-identical herb profiles but, it was very quickly clear that irrespective of the ingredient list, there is nothing else out there that stacks up to the quality and power of Dr Morse’s proprietary formulas.

Under the steam of that realisation, I set out to close that gap by attaining direct access to those delicious herbs myself. I graduated every element of Dr Morses school becoming an advanced specialist in cellular regeneration, and teamed up with my wifey to create a fulltime health clinic and aligned naturopathic pharmacy (Invictus Apothecary). We employ a team of 16 highly gifted souls, and proudly stock the largest range and depth of Dr Morse’s botanicals Australia has ever seen.

Since we opened in 2019, we have worked with over 1000 people directly through our health clinic, and an untold number indirectly through the learnings and new culture carried forward by the people we've served.

The incredible healing that takes place in our clinic, the memories of my grandparents, and the witnessing of my kid's own journey's are some of the highest drivers and values that inspire me every day.

Ever present and ever evolving, we are committed to better our best.

Benjamin Kowal | Founder & Lead Regenerative Specialist

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