A culture of ‘Pharmaceutical medicine vs Natural medicine’; an ‘US’ against ‘THEM’, ‘mine is better than yours’ paradigm. Two powerful modalities currently standing largely in opposition to one another, albeit working toward the same intended goal; the goal of health and wellbeing throughout communities, and the success of humanity.

We (Invictus) believe the roles of each are integral to society, however the current standpoint of ‘opposition’ suffocates the combined power that otherwise could be unleashed on the world if the two forces were to combine in a considered, systematic approach toward true health and human empowerment.    

The medical man is a wizard in the case of true emergency. A snake bite, broken limb, or otherwise critical condition needs the medical man to intervene as a first line treatment; failure to do so would result in a health catastrophe for the patient. They are also the ‘rich kids with the cool toys’, and have access to potent diagnostic tools that are advantageous in some cases to better understand a situation, and provide credible tracked feedback of results during a healing process, both medical and alternative.  

The medical man can re-set a broken bone, stabilize a critical situation or get a patient just to the other side of ‘pain’… but this is where the medical man’s powers abruptly stop. They don’t have the knowledge, training or sound processes to assist a patient from ‘just the other side of pain’ to true health, in fact, in there attempt to do so, they only further condemn a person to enervation and a deeper state of reliance on pharmaceutical support to manage never-ending loops of pain & dysfunction on a cycle we refer to as, ‘the pain cycle’.

A logical and considered approach, one based on foundational physiology and chemistry (alternate therapy), has been proven to support a patient to exit a destructive pain cycle entirely, recover neurology and structure through improved energy production capabilities, and ultimately restore a level of vital health that requires only their own diligence to a lifestyle that nurtures it – nothing medical needed. This is where Invictus shines.

The long game of the INVICTUS mission is to build a strong and viable bridge between the two warring modalities, recognizing the limitations of each, while combining the powers of both for the most complete and ultimate level change in healthcare this world would have ever seen.

Benjamin Kowal

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