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If you are motivated to become a better version of yourself through healthy habits and a supporting lifestyle, you will find everything you need located here in the IHH. The cost of the monthly subscription is typically recovered multiple times over every month through the product savings alone!

  • Subscribe to stay up to date on the latest in cutting edge in research, information and bio-hacking strategies to heal and discover true human performance.
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  • Subscribe to enjoy our hand prepared Ceremonial Grade Criollo Cacao with a 10% discount, along with monthly premium gift packs made available for a special price purchase.
  • Subscribe to gain Premium Member access to priority session slots at discounted rates across the entire IHH session menu.
  • Subscribe if you want a flexible, community supported, self-paced approach to achieving your best health.

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  • The latest content on all things in the healing world including the mind, the physical body, and the quantum fields. The only place you will find this content is inside the IHH Members area!
  • Premium Member Discounts of up to 5% across our entire store of over 3,000 health, wellness & ECO products. (Insert Invictus Apothecary Logo)
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  • Premium Member Discount of 10% off all single sessions and online courses.
  • Premium Member Discount of up to 20% off Premium Services such as Iridology, Bio Chemistry Analysis, and PULSE® Therapy ** (** coming soon | Applicable locations only). (10%)


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