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Reverse Engineer Dis-ease

Start with a Detailed Personal History

Deepen the value of where you are going by understanding where you have come from

This Goal of this session is to gain a comprehensive understanding of you in order to set the specifics of your desired outcome, and implement customisations into your program that cater specifically to your individual variables and needs.

Through our unique blend of diagnostics and discussion we uncover the elements underpinning your condition and map the process to reverse engineer them.

'All disease is built, and can therefore be dismantled'

~ Benjamin Kowal

Our focus goes well beyond on the presenting symptoms you arrive with. We work through the fundamental organs of your body to systemically address ALL identified issues simultaneously. All necessary time is taken to ensure we understand every contributing element in order to sort the whole lot on the way through. This approach makes the INVICTUSWAY™ a ‘one & done’ solution toward regenerating the physical element of vital health.


A guided redirection of diet, perspective and environment.

This initial phase serves to set your stage for success and prepare your body for the CATALYST phases that follow.

Action Overview

  • Restructure your diet to foods that provide the body with electrons, typically fruits, melon & berries, to reduce digestive load & hydrate the interstitium ['Interstitium' refers to the spaces between cells].
  • Engage in IHH Study materials to gain the perspective and knowledge needed to understand and challenge the conventional narrative, and commonly accepted beliefs around what constitutes ‘health’ and ‘disease’.
  • Audit your home environment, we will assist you in swapping out any harmful items for those that will help the overall process.

What comes into contact with our skin, and what we breathe has a direct impact on the lungs, skin & liver. These three organs do far more than what we conventionally think they do.

  • Implement Cellular Botanicals and supplements to aid in the activation and toning of the target organs and glands involved in the phases of CATALYST.

Diagnostics are conducted as required, and may include:

  • Bloodwork (Opt-in)
  • HTMA (Opt-in)
  • Organix® OAT (Opt-in)
  • HeartMath HRV (Opt-in)
  • Network Spinal Analysis (External)
  • Iridology Assessment
  • LFC (LFC Determines your current lymphatic filtration capacity)


Purge the kidney lines and restore the bodies ability to eliminate metabolic wastes and toxins.

  • We start where the issue began; Kidney filtration and stagnant Lymph. Restoring function and flow to these two focus areas kicks of the deconstruction and eviction of the problem state, allowing health to take its rightful residency.


Restore function to the GI Tract, including the intestinal biome.

  • Includes task focused diet guidance, and appropriate diet flexes based on real-time progress and symptoms. The mind can occasionally need some culinary variety in order to continue, its important this is honored, but done so in the right way. Your coach will be there to guide you.


Carried out on a 'needs only' basis to ensure:

  • We don’t risk backing up the kidneys and direct lymph lines (metabolic waste pipes).
  • The pathways are given a ‘scrub’ prior to the next major purging process.
  • Adequate recovery time is given to allow the body to replenish stores (systemic detox takes a fait bolt of energy to accomplish).


Liver & Gallbladder Flush

  • This process is a non-invasive deep clean of the Liver, Gallbladder and connected pathways. Its role in the transmutation of chemistry within the body make it one the most significant wins of the process, wins that are felt throughout.
  • The outcomes of Phase 3 complete the pillars of waste management restoration that are essential to allowing proper energy production and true regeneration.


The liver flush is a typically a purge that lives up to the metaphor of ‘sh*t going everywhere’.

  • It is best practice to return focus to the primary filters and give them a once-over.


  • Bloodwork (Opt-in)
  • HTMA (Opt-in)
  • Organix® OAT (Opt-in)
  • HeartMath HRV (Opt-in)
  • Network Spinal Analysis (External)
  • Iridological Analysis
  • LFC


Reconnect to your intuition and relearn its language

Following the CATALYST™ work you will experience a level of connection to your innate ‘quality control’ senses like never before. CONTROLZONE™ is the stage in which we assist you to understand the communication methods of your body, and learn to interpret them to an actionable level. In this phase you will be invited to experiment with ‘cravings’ and accurately interpret what your body has to say about it.

  • We will help guide you with food group choices.
  • Sensory interpretation. We have the answers when ‘weird’ things happen after eating a particular food, especially items you once considered ‘normal’. Once you know the ‘why’ in relation to the 'weird' it’s far easier to make future discernments for yourself.
  • Cellular Botanicals are optimised to support the CONTROLZONE™ Phase.
  • Embedment of your new, life changing culture.

Progress to the REGENERATE™ framework.

REGENERATE™ is the gear change from the recovery of the waste management system to the world of mitochondrial health and energy production!

'Once you've cleared the exhaust system, you're free to rev the engine!'

Your IHH Health Coach will walk you through the strategies and implementation of this energy enhancing work, if you Opted in for the Nutraceuticals bundle, you will have a potent energy stack to utilise.

To take your energy production capabilities to it's full potential, enroll in the sequel signature program, INVICTUSACENSION™ or INVICTUSELITE™ and discover how good it can really get!

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