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For over two decades, Ben has been studying all levels of the human body, its mind, energies, and the intricate connection between them. Among many other qualifications, he is a Certified Regenerative Detoxification Specialist, Iridologist, RCPC, Master Herbalist, Hypnotherapist, Neurolinguistic Programmer and BioDynamic Trauma Release & Breathwork Practitioner. Ben operates as an educator, speaker, coach and consultant for individuals and business organisations, driving his passion of improving the totality of the human condition, and inspiring peak performance.

It is his strong belief that its every persons God- given right to experience their life at the highest level of expression, vitality and health.

Benjamin Kowal Histological Regeneration Specialist

So you want your health back! What's stopping you?

It could be that you haven't yet arrived at a place in your mind where your health is an unequivocal MUST.

If this is you, ask yourself...

What is the purpose of health?

We ask this question of ourselves and others often, because anything worth working on should absolutely have a clear purpose….

If you own or control a business, and you're looking for innovative ways to level-up team attitude and output, consider our integrated corporate solutions.


Take the next step and explore the options


Our range of health programs are structured, coach supported and highly effective.

Customise your experience to suit your style and budget and retain the resources for life with a one time purchase for infinite personal re-use.

Benefits of PEMF

Do you know what your body can do when its cells are fully optimized? Rather than addressing injury, illness, or ailments, PEMF provides the body with the raw energy necessary to perform its incredible self-healing and self-regulating functions.

Due to the holistic nature of the body, the effects of PEMF can be limitless. 

Our Medicines

Invictus founder and our leading health specialist, Ben Kowal, continues to refine the medicines & formulas of our apothecary through relentless research, live case study and tangible result metrics to arrive at the ever current cutting edge line up we provide as part of our programs.

The research and updates in this area never cease; you can trust you are being presented with the tested & best, 100% of the time.

Explore the range to find out more.

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